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Climatec is a leading provider of turnkey modernization and funding solutions for public agencies looking to remedy aging infrastructure. We service building owners across all public sector market segments including education, state, county, local and federal government as well as special districts. Our team of highly credentialed experts specialize in designing & implementing energy, water and operational improvements to make your facilities smarter, safer & more efficient while providing significant relief for general fund and capital budgets.

Transform your facilities into sustainable platforms for attracting economic development, revenue growth, attendance, and community engagement. Using a variety of innovative funding solutions such as grants, state funding and other incentives, we help you achieve your facilities objectives without burdening in-house resources or taking on any additional expenditures.

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Student achievement starts with high performing learning environments; in fact, well-maintained facilities can improve student scores up to 10% on standardized tests. Our team helps remove the barriers many districts face in providing comfortable, safe, 21st century learning environments and meet the growing public pressures that surround sustainability. Whether your schools are in need of modernization, deferred maintenance relief, or simply looking to reduce operating cost pressures on your budget, Climatec has unsurpassed expertise in helping K-12 leaders develop and implement customized, impactful facilities programs in less time and with fewer resources.

Climatec has been an exceptional partner in the District’s mission to improve sustainable practices and achieve greater energy efficiency.”
Michael Simonson | Assistant Superintendent | Escondido Union High School District


Smart cities start with smart infrastructure. As operating expenditures rise and revenues decline, local government leaders are looking for innovative solutions to spur economic development while improving services for residents and local businesses. Addressing aging infrastructure is one of the most impactful decisions you can make to improve the operational efficiency of your organization and reinvest savings into additional capital improvements or community services that drive revenue for your bottom line. Climatec offers comprehensive design/build solutions and budget-neutral funding plans to modernize your infrastructure in a fraction of the time without adding extra workload for your Staff.

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Climatec's in-house credentials encompass grant-writing and funding application experts, engineers, building technologists and indoor air quality specialists. Our team can give you a realistic look of what you can expect with your unique challenges.

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Climatec provides outstanding service and training for our facility technicians assisting with operation schedules for our controls, remote troubleshooting and 24/7 utility monitoring.”
Kevin Franklin | Director of Fiscal Services | Lennox School District


Alvord Unified School District Improves Indoor Air Quality to Prepare for Safe Reopening

Riverside, CA – In a move toward greater environmental sustainability and fiscal resiliency, Alvord Unified School District’s (AUSD) Board of Trustees approved a second phase of energy infrastructure improvements with a strong focus on improving indoor air quality.

“Our initial phase of improvements in 2015 helped us tackle the rising costs of utilities and relieve a portion of our deferred maintenance liability,” commented Kevin Emenaker, executive director of administrative services at the District. “Now, as we do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19, our number one priority is implementing the right equipment, technology and sanitation practices to keep our students and staff healthy when they return.”

Modernizing antiquated heating & cooling (HVAC) equipment will help ensure that clean air is supplied to the learning environment. According to the World Health Organization, the COVID-19 virus primarily spreads through small liquid particles from coughing and sneezing. AUSD’s new HVAC technology directly combats the transmission of disease by removing contaminated airborne droplets from a space. The HVAC equipment features ventilation and filtration systems that meet the Centers for Disease Controls’ health guidelines, making this possible. To take things a step further, the District also purchased air scrubbers that deactivate viruses, kill bacteria and remove other air pathogens for areas that have yet to receive new HVAC.

The improvements AUSD is making at its high school gyms will drastically improve indoor air quality in spaces that typically host large amounts of students and their families through sports and other community events. La Sierra High School and Norte Vista High School had obsolete heating-only equipment in their gyms, leaving them stuffy from a lack of cooling and poor ventilation. The new high-efficiency HVAC brings fresh air from outside into the space, filtering and conditioning it for optimal comfort.

“Although we don’t know how or when social distancing guidelines will allow us to use the gym, it’s assuring for our community to know we will be ready to safely reopen when the time comes,” shared Dr. Tania Cabeza, principal for La Sierra. “We are thankful to the Board of Trustees for making this sound investment to improve air quality in an area that needs it the most.”

Norte Vista High School shares a similar sentiment after years of receiving complaints about the gym’s lack of comfort. “The addition of air conditioning in the gym is going to make a world of a difference as we see our local climate get warmer each year,” shares Jason Marquez, principal for Norte Vista. “Through Phases I and II of our infrastructure upgrade, we have replaced nearly all HVAC with modern equipment that improves indoor air quality.”

Aside from enhancing the comfort and safety of facilities, AUSD’s infrastructure update will also help relieve the District’s budget. The sheer efficiency of the new equipment will cut energy and former maintenance and operations costs enough to pay for the improvements and provide positive net cash flow for the District’s budget. Along with the District’s HVAC upgrade, it secured new building automation systems, districtwide interior and exterior LED lighting modernizations and a carport solar shade structure at Villegas Middle School.

Rather than diving headfirst into solar, AUSD administrators made a conscious decision to do a pilot solar program at one school first. Their intent is to expand to other sites only after the performance of the first of the solar arrays are vetted. Villegas Middle School was chosen because it has some of the highest energy rates in the District. The savings generated by the new solar structure is helping to pay for the comprehensive program while supporting the Board of Trustees’ vision to move toward zero net energy.

“It feels good to know we’re doing all we can in a situation we don’t have a lot of control over,” Emenaker continued. “Beyond just responding to current safety needs for COVID-19, the work we are doing to renew our infrastructure will benefit our facilities and the health of our community for decades.”

According to the District’s partner, Climatec, construction is well underway and projected for completion this fall. Once complete, the infrastructure modernizations will drastically reduce the District’s greenhouse gas emissions and cut electric consumption by approximately 3.9 million kilowatt hours per year–the equivalent of powering 400 Riverside homes per year.

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City of Weed to "Flip the Switch" and Celebrate Renewable Energy on July 12

WEED, CA​ - The City of Weed plans to “flip the switch” on its new solar photovoltaic (PV)systems and ring in the generation of clean energy in a celebration to take place on Friday, July12. The ceremony, slated for 10 to 10:30 a.m. under the solar shade structure at City Hall (550Main Street in Weed, CA), will draw city leaders, community members and local media.

“After over a year of planning, we’re thrilled to announce that City Hall and our wastewater treatment plant will be powered by solar energy!” said City of Weed Mayor Ken Palfini. “With modernized energy infrastructure across the City, our community can look forward to a healthier, smarter and more vibrant future. Climatec has been a key partner in Weed becoming a smart, sustainable city.”

The PV systems are expected to produce approximately 333,000 kWh per year and 8.35 million kWh over its lifetime. The equivalent annual outcome of these returns are 32 cars off the road,17,379 gallons of gasoline saved, 4,531 trees preserved and 23 American homes powered.

The new PV systems, however, are only one piece of Weed’s plan to advance its sustainability and reap energy and cost savings. Via a partnership with Climatec Energy Services, Weed has invested in interior and exterior LED lighting at City buildings; new heating and cooling at theCity Hall; networked temperature controls at Weed Library and improvements to the city’s wastewater treatment plant. Savings accrued over the lifespan of the new equipment and the solar system are estimated at $5.5 million and 12.1 million kWh.

“The projected financial and energy savings will create a reservoir that can be reinvested in our community–this is a huge feat for our city,” said Weed City Manager Ronald ("Ron") W. Stock.“From planning to construction, Climatec has been instrumental to the solar power generation system’s timely execution. Their dedication to us as a client has put us on track to achieve our energy efficiency and financial goals.”

The City formally adopted the project on January 11, 2018 on a 5-0 vote, which was funded by a1 percent loan from the California Energy Commission. In approximately 12 months, Climatec implemented work on the project.

“As a proud leader in energy efficiency, Climatec finds it incredibly satisfying to bring energy efficiency and smart technology to communities like the City of Weed,” said Tyler Girtman,

Climatec account manager for Weed. “These innovations wouldn’t have been possible without the thoughtful leadership exhibited by city leaders like Ron, Ken and all of Weed’s City Council and staff. Weed is a prime example of a community whose push to become more sustainable will benefit us all.”

About the City of Weed

The City of Weed, California is nestled at the base of Mount Shasta in the Cascade Mountains and half way between San Francisco and Portland. The community is surrounded by natural beauty, breathtaking vistas, and unmatched outdoor recreation. The City is a historic lumber town which has retained much of its early 1900's charm, while transitioning into a tourist destination. An easy one-hour drive north of Redding on Interstate 5 brings you to our home where you may enjoy abundant lakes and rivers, beautiful forests, wildlife, scenic drives, local art, festivals, live music, and a friendly community. Visit​ ​​ for more information.

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Bell Kicks Off Multi-Facility Energy Infrastructure Update

BELL, CA - In the coming months, the City of Bell will undergo an energy infrastructure transformation that is both turnkey and projected to realize approximately $2.9 million in budget savings for the City.

A joint venture between the City and Climatec, a provider of building technologies and energy solutions with six offices in California, the energy conservation initiative calls for the turnover of antiquated infrastructure for reduced operational costs and enhanced safety and comfort at city-owned facilities. The scope of work includes the installation of a new smart building automation system, high-efficiency heating and cooling units, solar arrays and LED lighting as well as multiple water conservation measures across nine facilities and five parks.

“This viable, turnkey energy solution is going to benefit our taxpayers, environment and the community at large–The City of Bell is excited for all that’s to come,” said Ali Saleh, mayor of theCity of Bell. “Through this project, our City Council elected to improve the quality of life for our constituents and innovate with technologies that achieve high performance, energy savings and regional job creation. I’m thankful to my fellow council members, city staff and Climatec for collaborating to guide Bell ahead.”

The City of Bell formally adopted the project on April 24, 2019, after Climatec conducted a city wide assessment to identify opportunities for improving aging water and energy infrastructure and locations for solar arrays. The assessment outlined dated interior and exterior lighting, heating and cooling equipment, temperature controls, irrigation system controllers and roofing systems that needlessly drained City funds. Additionally, Climatec discovered grants and low-interest private sector capital as alternative resources for fully funding the project and providing General Fund relief.

“The City of Bell is thrilled to offer our residents improved lighting quality and comfort at our parks and buildings; at the City, we’re also excited for state-of-the-art infrastructure and renewable energy sources,” said Javier Ochiqui, contracts and facilities manager for the City.“The non-traditional funding that Climatec discovered for us has made our goals to maximize energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions achievable. Our community has a lot to look forward to.”

Construction began on Aug. 19 with work being done during off hours so as not to disrupt City and resident business. The project is expected to reach completion in December of 2019.

About the City of Bell

The City of Bell is a warm and friendly town composed of young families, small businesses, and an industrial district located on the east bank of the Los Angeles River in southeast Los Angeles County. Bell is known as the key to industry, given it is located in the heart of the central LosAngeles industrial market. Visit for more information.

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