People, Technology   + Leadership

At Climatec University, we have developed a broad curriculum focused on advancing the technical, professional and business skills of all our employees

– and providing our customers the insights and tools needed to enjoy the benefits of the building solutions we provide. Our curriculum is built around three fundamental pillars – people, technology and leadership.


Climatec’s vision is to be a recognized industry leader in all our markets. Achieving that goal starts within our own team members. We place tremendous focus on employee empowerment and professional development. Our courses offer insights on personality types, tools for effective communications, the ethical foundation of our business and best practices for expanding collaboration and trust within our workplace and beyond.


Climatec is in the business of turning building technologies into real-world solutions.  That mission requires a range of expertise – from technology and building system generalists to detailed application experts seeking hands-on learning opportunities.  As such, our classes cover the needs of system specialists, engineers, project managers, sales professionals and business managers – for our employees and our customers alike – each conducted by recognized subject experts and factory-certified trainers.


Servant leadership is a core value of Climatec. We encourage leaders at every level of our organization to unleash the full potential of all employees and fostering their individual careers. To that objective, our Leadership curriculum is based on individual work and group exercises that challenge preconceived notions of workplace behavior, management responsibilities and the role of leaders in our growing business.