Making a
  positive impact

Climatec is dedicated to the well-being of our employees, contributing to the communities in which we work, and building a more sustainable world. The foundation of our business is the talent of our employees and we place a high value on work-life balance. That includes giving back to our communities with our hearts, hands, and resources. And our building solutions make a positive environmental impact every day by delivering energy savings and green-house gas reduction for thousands of customers.


We build careers that enrich the lives of hundreds of families. Beyond technical and managerial education, we invest in the safety, health, communication and leadership skills of all employees and promote an open and collaborative work environment. We pride ourselves on the long career tenures of our employees and our track record of workplace safety. Our employees’ families deserve no less.


We give back to our communities with our hearts, hands, and resources. Our community involvement focuses on issues that affect women, children and our nations’ veterans as well as STEM education through the Bosch Community Fund. Across all our locations, we sponsor and participate in a variety of local and national charitable organizations through toy drives, volunteer work, tournaments, and fundraising activities.


The team at Climatec commits to creating healthier communities. From classrooms to campuses, facilities to jurisdictions, our green building solutions live across cities, towns, and schools, delivering energy and cost savings for our customers–all while reducing greenhouse gasses and emissions. Climatec is a carbon-neutral corporation and has participated in the US Green Building Council as a Gold Member since 2008.


Community Partners