Product Lines

Building Automation


Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Energy Management and Controls System. Including: IBEX for Windows, BACtalk, Smoke Control, Lighting Control, and WEB access solutions. Primarily utilizing the BACnet Open Protocol Standard.

Distech Controls

Distech Controls connects people with intelligent building solutions through our forward-thinking technologies and services. We partner with customers to deliver innovative solutions that can provide better health, better spaces, and better efficiencies.


Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Energy Management and Controls System. Including: SymmetrE LonWorks System, Excel 5000 System Rapid Zone – Commercial Zoning System, Variable Frequency Drives, Smoke Control Systems, UUKL864 Listed devices, Spyder Unitary Controls, and Webs AX Web Controls. Primarily utilizing LON Communication Standard.


Gas Detection and Exhaust Control system. Including: CO Monitoring, Refrigerant Monitoring, Leak Detection, Hydrogen Detection, and Oxygen Deprivation Detection. Interfaces to Energy Management System utilizing the BACnet Open Protocol Standard.

Blue Ridge Technologies

A BACnet lighting controls solution that brings contemporary and legacy systems into a unified building automation platform. This technology leverages the building automation system you already own to increase the energy and operational efficiency of your lighting system, while utilizing the same trusted local service provider you use today.


The Niagara Framework® is a software platform that integrates diverse systems and devices regardless of manufacturer, or communication protocol into a unified platform that can be easily managed and controlled in real time over the Internet using a standard web browser.


Air Flow and Fluid Flow Solutions including: Dampers, Actuators, Characterized Control Valve (CCV), Ball Valves, Globe Valves, Butterfly Valves, Pressure Independent Control Valves (PICCV), Damper Actuators


The DGLux product lines enable integrators to create custom web applications for their customers who manage building performance so they can analyze, monitor and control building data and analytics in a single, unified display.


SkySpark works with all data types to collect, store and analyze — whether via a live link to an automation system or smart meter, connection to a SQL database, import of historical data from Excel files, or a web service feed from an utility.