Earth Day is here! In celebration, Climatec is highlighting a handful of school districts that are reducing their carbon footprints and generating savings by making energy efficiency improvements. From HVAC replacements to automated lighting systems to solar panel shade structures, infrastructure improvements are having as much of a positive impact on environmental health as they are on districts’ bottom lines.

San Benito High School District (SBHSD): This Earth Day, PG&E is putting a spotlight on the Hollister High School Haybalers at SBHSD for their environmental stewardship. Since partnering with Climatec in 2017, the District installed brand new rooftop and ground mount Solar PV structures, modernized LED lighting systems, new HVAC units, building automation systems and more. These improvements save 1,626 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually, equivalent to removing362 cars from the road, preserving 26,879 trees from deforestation or powering 316 homes. The solar panel systems alone have generated an estimated 8,100 MWh of electricity to date – providing an estimated $19 million in lifecycle savings to SBHSD’s general fund. The District supplemented funding for these improvements with Proposition 39 funding and federal subsidies through the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

San Benito High School District (SBHSD)

Crane Unified School District (Crane ESD): This Yuma City, AZ-based school district has made significant strides towards enhancing energy efficiency since 2019. It performed LED light modernizations and installed new HVAC units complete with Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization technology. These units maximized air quality in classrooms and across facilities during COVID-19, ensuring students could return to school safely. The improvements were funded through utility incentives, tax-exempt lease purchases and District capital, including COVID-related funding.

Crane Unified School District (Crane ESD)

Rowland Unified School District (RUSD): Since 2016, RUSD has implemented improvements, including modernized HVAC systems, building automation systems, interior and exterior LED lights and solar shade and parking structures. Not only do these improvements make buildings safer for students, but they also reduce an astounding 163,342,618 pounds of CO2 emissions. This environmental benefit equates to 16,728 cars being removed from roads, 7,170,113 gallons of gas preserved, 1,223,205 trees prevented from being deforested or 14,637 homes being powered! The District also looks forward to projected savings of $43.7 million over the lifespan of its equipment.

Rowland Unified School District (RUSD)

These sustainability champions are just a few examples of Climatec customers paving the path towards a greener future. Creative funding resources like tax credits and federal subsidies through the IRA make it easier for public agencies to leave a lasting impact. 

As this Earth Day kicks off, we will continue supporting and celebrating the public agencies prioritizing environmental sustainability and fiscal solvency for the health of their organizations and communities