Innovation is in the Air for Returning Students

Hesperia Unified School District Completes Major Retrofits to Save Money and Improve Classroom Environments Hesperia students have returned to school to find room temperatures and airflow optimized for learning. The Hesperia Unified School District (the District) has completed an energy retrofit project that improved building infrastructure while saving millions in future energy costs. In the [...]

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Cities Can Afford Energy Efficiency Projects

Many cities want to save money and cut overhead by implementing energy efficiency projects such as building automation systems, installing solar power sources, and retrofitting facilities. While every city would like to reduce energy costs, increase revenues, improve employee comfort and productivity, and decrease carbon emissions, not every city possesses the capital to get such [...]

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Energy Monitoring Provides Accountability and Transparency

One of the single greatest barriers to executing large-scale infrastructure improvement projects can be justifying the investment to taxpayers. When it comes to energy efficiency projects that are not as visible as roads or parks, that barrier can be even greater. In talking about energy efficiency projects, there are a variety of ways in which [...]

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State Law Encourages Municipalities to Reduce Energy

Performance based contracting is the process by which schools, universities, towns, cities and counties enter into contracts with private companies to design, implement and monitor energy and water savings projects. As a result of HB 2830, the Energy and Water Savings Accounts Law, enacted in 2012 by Governor Jan Brewer, municipalities can now enter into [...]

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Bullitt Center, a Climatec customer, recognized for greenest building.

The Bullitt Center opened its doors to the public for the first time after a ceremony that included speeches by government and community leaders. Its innovative use of rainwater for most of its water needs, a solar roof that produces more energy than the building consumes and all kinds of other technological breakthroughs have many [...]

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