San Benito, CA ​– To celebrate San Benito High School District’s (SBHSD) energy infrastructure update coming to a close, SBHSD invites our school community to flip the switch on San Benito High School’s (SBHS) brand new solar PV system from 11:30 a.m. to noon on Friday, Oct. 4. The ceremony will take place at the SBHS Baler Alley parking lot, located at 1220 Monterey St. in Hollister, CA.

The solar arrays, approved for grid connection on Friday, Sept. 13, were the last piece of the districtwide energy infrastructure project. They are projected to generate 1,096,578 kWh throughout their lifespan. Combined with other recent facility upgrades, SBHSD will save approximately $13.3 million–the environmental savings equivalent of 220 cars off the road, 157 Hollister homes powered and 31,348 trees preserved.

“We are proud to implement energy-efficient and renewable technologies so our students can enjoy day-to-day learning,” said SBHSD Superintendent Shawn Tennenbaum. “These solutions will maximize long-term benefits to our District, ensuring optimal learning and working environments for our students and staff to continue to succeed.”

SBHSD engaged Climatec, a provider of building technologies and energy solutions with six offices in California, for $6.3 million worth of energy infrastructure updates, spanning the installation of the solar PV system, LED light modernizations; heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) units and building automation systems throughout campus. With the help of Climatec, SBHSD identified and leveraged Proposition 39 grants and Clean Renewable Energy Bonds for funding.

“The work we’ve accomplished through our partnership with Climatec has already had a huge impact on our school,” said SBHS Principal Adrian Ramirez. “We couldn’t have predicted the feeling our administration is experiencing now that the project is done. We’re proud to offer our students and staff modernized technology that reaps environmental and financial savings.”
SBHSD’s Board of Trustees approved the project in June of 2017.

“San Benito High School administration decided on upgrades that would improve the student learning environment and the school’s financial reserves,” said Robert Reading, SBHSD project manager at Climatec. “As partners, they contributed to the visioning that has resulted in an enhanced campus that will continue to add value over time. At Climatec, we’re always moved by our clients’ interest in innovating for a healthier world–San Benito High School is no exception.”

About San Benito High School

Based in Hollister, CA, San Benito High School serves as the main high school for Hollister City residents, as well as many residents of Hollister county. It serves approximately 3,000 students between 9th and 12th grades with 250 faculty and staff members. The school was founded in 1875.​ ​Visit the SBHS website​ to learn more.