SHAFTER, CA - Richland School District (RSD) celebrated its new solar arrays with a ‘Flip theSwitch’ ceremony at Golden Oak Elementary School on Monday, March 9. The installation of these solar arrays, provided by building technologies and energy solutions provider, Climatec,marks the next step in RSD’s energy infrastructure update. RSD projects savings of approximately $7.5 million over and 719.1 kW over the solar technology’s 15-year lifespan.

The District’s Board approved the addition of 1,530 solar array panels across three campuses as a part of a larger energy conservation project. Purchased via a Power Purchase Agreement through Climatec (backed by BOSCH Corporation), the arrays went online in mid-December and are expected to produce 1,163,462 kWh in their first year of production.

“Flipping our new solar system on with the folks that contributed to its becoming has been perfect for celebrating this chapter of greater financial sustainability and energy efficiency,” said RSD’s Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, Martin Rodriguez. “These are improvements that are bringing our facilities up to speed and adding to the Richland School District experience.”

RSD also upgraded energy efficient infrastructure through the addition of new HVAC units(including at the junior high cafeteria–a highly requested addition by the community), interior and exterior LED lighting, building automation systems and a new roof at the activity center. The rest of the upgrades are expected to wrap in Summer 2020.

About Richland School District

Based in Shafter, CA, Richland School District serves 3,031 students through three elementary and one junior high school. Richland’s schools’ believe in the premise that all children can learn and that student success is based upon the collaborative efforts of all segments of the school community including administration, teachers, support staff and the community at large. Everyday RSD works to foster the mental, physical, social, and emotional growth of all students by promoting excellence through meaningful, standards-based instruction and providing a nurturing school environment that support the development of positive self-image and social consciousness that will lead toward productive, responsible citizenship. Visit the RSD website to learn more.