PHOENIX – June 21, 2013 – Climatec Building Technologies Group (Climatec) is pleased to announce the award this month of the Commercial Real Estate Digital Innovation Award (“Digie”) to Bullitt Center; an industry leader and Climatec Axcess customer.

Realcomm has presented the “Digie” Awards (short for Commercial Real Estate Digital Innovation Awards) since 1999 to recognize those companies, real estate projects, technologies and people that have gone above and beyond to positively impact the industry through the use of technology, automation and innovation.

The Bullitt Center in Seattle is a new 50,000 SF commercial building working to meet the ambitious goals of the Living Building Challenge; the world’s most strenuous performance standard for sustainability. Conceived by Denis Hayes and the Bullitt Foundation and developed by Point32, the center will generate its own electricity through a 244kw solar array, produce its own drinking water from rainwater capture, treat its own wastewater on site, and incorporate many other cutting-edge and environmentally-sound design and construction features.

To meet their aggressive performance requirements, this building incorporates a series of highly integrated controls, automation, and metering systems to provide critical real-time data to its tenants, operators, and the general public in order to track and meet the project’s net-zero goals.

The Climatec Axcess offering is used to track building energy, sustainability, and performance data in real time; allowing building owners, operators, and tenants to monitor progress against a series of aggressive energy and sustainability performance commitments. The Axcess offering will also provide Fault Detection and Diagnosis; a tool to identify and highlight operational inefficiency, resulting in Actionable Intelligence with which building operations personnel can maximize operating efficiency and meet or exceed building performance requirements.

More information on this prestigious award can be found here.