BELL, CA - In the coming months, the City of Bell will undergo an energy infrastructure transformation that is both turnkey and projected to realize approximately $2.9 million in budget savings for the City.

A joint venture between the City and Climatec, a provider of building technologies and energy solutions with six offices in California, the energy conservation initiative calls for the turnover of antiquated infrastructure for reduced operational costs and enhanced safety and comfort at city-owned facilities. The scope of work includes the installation of a new smart building automation system, high-efficiency heating and cooling units, solar arrays and LED lighting as well as multiple water conservation measures across nine facilities and five parks.

“This viable, turnkey energy solution is going to benefit our taxpayers, environment and the community at large–The City of Bell is excited for all that’s to come,” said Ali Saleh, mayor of theCity of Bell. “Through this project, our City Council elected to improve the quality of life for our constituents and innovate with technologies that achieve high performance, energy savings and regional job creation. I’m thankful to my fellow council members, city staff and Climatec for collaborating to guide Bell ahead.”

The City of Bell formally adopted the project on April 24, 2019, after Climatec conducted a city wide assessment to identify opportunities for improving aging water and energy infrastructure and locations for solar arrays. The assessment outlined dated interior and exterior lighting, heating and cooling equipment, temperature controls, irrigation system controllers and roofing systems that needlessly drained City funds. Additionally, Climatec discovered grants and low-interest private sector capital as alternative resources for fully funding the project and providing General Fund relief.

“The City of Bell is thrilled to offer our residents improved lighting quality and comfort at our parks and buildings; at the City, we’re also excited for state-of-the-art infrastructure and renewable energy sources,” said Javier Ochiqui, contracts and facilities manager for the City.“The non-traditional funding that Climatec discovered for us has made our goals to maximize energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions achievable. Our community has a lot to look forward to.”

Construction began on Aug. 19 with work being done during off hours so as not to disrupt City and resident business. The project is expected to reach completion in December of 2019.

About the City of Bell

The City of Bell is a warm and friendly town composed of young families, small businesses, and an industrial district located on the east bank of the Los Angeles River in southeast Los Angeles County. Bell is known as the key to industry, given it is located in the heart of the central LosAngeles industrial market. Visit for more information.