Our goal is simple

make California’s classrooms the most energy and resource efficient buildings in the nation.

about climatec

Having completed energy projects for over 1,500 California K-12 campuses, Climatec is uniquely qualified to provide school administrators with the experience and confidence they need to ensure their schools truly benefit from the latest energy efficiency technologies, implemented with a cost-effective comprehensive approach.

Climatec offers a flexible and transparent approach leveraging extensive local resources to complete ASHRAE Level 2 energy audits and turnkey project implementation successfully.

Climatec is a CASBO Premier Plus Partner, reflecting our market strength and commitment to California’s public schools.

Helping CASBO with Prop 39

In 2012, the California Clean Energy Jobs Act (Prop. 39) changed the landscape for K-12 schools, motivating schools to integrate energy efficient systems and technology into classroom and facility retrofits.

Through Prop. 39, eligible local educational agencies — including county offices of education, school districts, charter schools and state special schools—can request up to their full five-year allocation to achieve “the biggest bang possible” for energy retrofit and energy generation projects in their K-12 campuses and facilities.

Since Prop. 39’s launch in 2013, Climatec has helped more than thirty K-12 districts access more than $50 million in Prop. 39 grant funds plus over $100 million in 3rd party supplemental funding, federal grants, utility rebates, and other custom funding programs.

Climatec is committed to helping California’s K-12 schools access Prop. 39 funding with full accountability from planning to implementation with ongoing measurement and verification services.

Areas of Expertise

  • Prop 39 Program Assistance
  • Building Automation
  • HVAC and Mechanical Solutions
  • Interior & Exterior Lighting
  • Building Envelope
  • Water Management
  • Energy Education
  • Utility Rebates and Custom Incentives
  • State & Federal Grants
  • Solar PV
  • Battery Storage
Case Study

“Any time we, as a Board, can offset our general fund costs and provide a more comfortable environment for our students and teachers, it is a win-win. Hesperia Unified School District is excited to be a leader among California school districts using innovation in funding and technology to benefit our students.”

– Hesperia Unified School District Board President Eric Swanson

Learn More / Take Action

To learn how your school district can leverage Prop. 39 funds and save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year through energy infrastructure improvements, please contact:

Southern California
Ashley Cascio
(949) 252-6943

Northern California
Tyler Girtman
(602) 373-1759