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What is a Special Hazard? High-value equipment or rooms containing essential operational assets that is critical to business function. Where a customer cannot afford to experience “Downtime” or “Business Interruption” as a result of fire. The performance objective of any special hazard fire extinguishing system is, to fast and effectively extinguish the fire. It is critical, therefore, to select a proper detection system and waterless agent that will not cause collateral damage and during a discharge the special hazards system will not harm your people. The integrity of data (including paper), electronics and the working environment are able to continue.

Novec™ 1230

Examples of Special Hazards Applications protected by waterless extinguishing agents Data Centers, Server Rooms, Records Storage, Cell Sites, Telecommunications, Clean Rooms, MRI/CT Scan, Museums, vaults, Printing Presses, Dip Tanks, Coating Machines, Laboratories, Engine Test Cells, Flammable Liquid Storage, Industrial Ovens, Dust Collectors, Wet Bench’s, etc… Ask yourself: What is your risk tolerance for downtime & property damage after a fire and how long (hours/days/weeks) can you afford to be not in business. According to National Statistics, the estimate for the average cost of business downtime for IT and Telecommunications is $1-2 Million dollars per hour! The one-time investment of a waterless fire suppression system to prevent business downtime may average 2-4% of that hourly cost, depending on the mission critical room size.