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About Special Hazard Systems

High-value equipment or rooms containing essential operational assets thatis critical to business function. Where a customer cannot afford to experience“Downtime” or “Business Interruption” as a result of fire.The performance objective of any special hazard fire extinguishing systemis, to fast and effectively extinguish the fire. It is critical, therefore, to select aproper detection system and waterless agent that will not cause collateraldamage and during a discharge the special hazards system will not harmyour people. The integrity of data (including paper), electronics and theworking environment are able to continue.

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Learning Special Hazard Detection Types

An Air Sampling Detector consists of a piping or tubing distribution networkthat runs from the detector to the area(s) to be protected. An aspiration fanin the detector housing draws air from the protected area back to thedetector through air sampling ports, piping, or tubing. At the detector, the airis analyzed for fire products.Air Sampling Smoke Detectors are capable of detecting a fire at its earlieststage. Traditional “spot-type” detectors passively detect smoke or heat intheir immediate area. Air Sampling Smoke Detectors actively pulls room airthrough a piping network to its detection chamber where it can detect thepresence of particles that are created in the very early stages of combustion,even before smoke is visible.

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